Il Garofano Rosa: We Love Verona, We Love Italy

I left Verona and Italy about ten years ago, to follow my French husband. As I always say: “I left Italy for love”. I must admit that at that time I felt a certain nostalgia for my home and the Italian language, a language that I had difficulty leaving, after studying it for many years at University.

I have lived in Paris for a long time and my family, composed of my husband and my five-year-old son, is international. I am happy that my child, whom I now take care of almost full-time, has the chance to speak Italian and French, two of the most harmonious and richest languages in the world.

The Il Garofano Rosa project was born at a very special time, when I felt the need to stop and reflect on my life and priorities. I was totally absorbed in work and a hectic pace of life, and I felt the need to go home more often, but also the desire to talk about my city and my origins. I had been doing just that for some time, more or less unconsciously, with the many customers I met at the Louis Vuitton Bookstore on the Champs-Élysées where I worked for many years. After my resignation, not without a few tears and sleepless nights, I had to “invent” a job to achieve this delicate and sought-after balance between private and professional life.

Thanks to the help of another woman, my mother : Anna Rosa Biot, everything took shape. Il Garofano Rosa is an apartment that belongs to both of us. Anna Rosa renovated it with excellent and eclectic taste at the “young” age of 78, showing the courage of a lion, when she decided to question herself and embark on a new adventure, while giving me a beautiful life lesson.

Together, we have created a special place with a totally feminine and sophisticated soul, in which every detail tells a story. The books on the shelves were purchased and collected by me in Paris when I was working in the world of fashion. My mother, a gardening enthusiast, bought the rose trees of the terrace from a famous Tuscan nursery. Each rose tree was chosen not only for its color to match the interior design, but also for its intoxicating scent.

This apartment is therefore a story of women working together: from the artistic director (a childhood friend) who helped us create our beautiful logo, to the director of the Kartell store in Verona, who helped us to choose the decoration for Il Rosa Garofano with great professionalism and good taste. Not to mention two dear friends of our family: Anna, a renowned journalist, helped us promote and make Il Garofano Rosa known in Verona, Italy and throughout the world; and Chiara, a talented interior designer, has kindly contributed to the organization of special events.

Il Garofano Rosa is an apartment that will charm all those who wish to immerse themselves in the culture and taste of Italy. There is nothing more beautiful than feeling warmly welcomed on a trip.

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